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The LeBron James Factor

Being an entrepreneur is not the same as having a business of your own. It takes more than that. Being an entrepreneur is not a selfish attempt. Being an entrepreneur is a great deal of responsibility and to whom much is given, much is required. Entrepreneurs have to be able to make decisions for  themselves and others, understanding how others may react to those decisions and yet be strong enough and willing not to feel pressured to make the “popular” decision just to appease someone else. This factor is sometimes what separates the successful entrepreneur from someone who just wants to own a business. An entrepreneur is often the person who will build a business from an idea into a brick and mortar building with employees, whereas a person who wants to be in business for themselves may only want to do the type of work that someone else tells them will generate additional income. There’s nothing wrong with the opportunity to generate income, but most entrepreneurs will sometimes bypass an opportunity such as that because they are concentrating their energy, time and talents into building their idea into something tangible.

I’m an entrepreneur. A media entrepreneur, specifically. In my field I have to find better, different and interesting ways to do what I do. I am The Company, The Woman and The Brand. I have goals that I’m striving to attain that will benefit my entity as a whole. I am responsible for the failure and success of Super Woman Productions and Publishing, even with other people working with and for me. If I do well, I’ll receive the credit. If I fail, I’ll be stoned. Not literally, of course, but you get the jest of it. Being ‘the boss‘ requires that I sometimes make decisions that may be unpopular to others or even upset people. It’s necessary to protect the brand. It’s what I call the LeBron James Factor. When LeBron left Cleveland he was doing so to improve the level of his success and to achieve goals that he had set for himself. As we all know, it wasn’t the popular decision and resulted in the entire city of Cleveland turning their backs on him. However, LeBron’s decision was necessary for him, regardless of how others may have felt about it. He was strong enough and willing to upset others for the growth of his career. He didn’t kill, assault, defraud or otherwise violate anyone in his decision – even if the residents of Cleveland felt like he did at the time. He did what he had to do. In my opinion he didn’t owe an explanation or apology for it either. It was a business decision.

I recently had to make a business decision to protect the Super Woman Brand. That business decision has resulted in the creation of The FabLife Radio Show along with Andre “Mista Ecks” Harris. I didn’t expect to be in the position where I’d have to make this business decision after only four short months of co-hosting a previous radio show, but when an entrepreneur is faced with a situation that requires a decision, the entrepreneur makes a business decision. Period. It’s the LeBron James Factor. The decision I made may not have been the popular one and it may have upset others in the process. However, in order to achieve my goals, I have to be willing to make the tough decisions and live with them. In order to achieve my goals, I have to be able to see a better opportunity for the Super Woman Brand when it presents itself. In order to achieve my goals, I have to sometimes overlook other people’s opinions and feelings if they contradict what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m responsible for other people and my success helps them. If I lag or stay in situations that don’t allow growth, I’m not just hindering myself, I’m hindering them as well. That is not acceptable.

The FabLife Radio Show will be an information sharing radio show. Meaning we are going to entertain you, enlighten you and inspire you by providing current events, entertainment, lifestyle and fashion news going on in Detroit and elsewhere. So far, the show has not yet aired, but we already have interest from potential advertisers and people are already asking to be guests on the show. I thank my Super Fans for that. You help people become more aware of me and what I do by sharing my newsletters, blogs and tweets with your audiences, friends and family. I appreciate you very much.

I’m really looking forward to the airing of The FabLife Radio Show each and every Friday at 7 pm eastern for however long we are blessed to remain on air. I’m also looking forward to my business partnership with Andre Harris, who is very talented. You’ll get to see more of his talents in upcoming months. If you have an upcoming event or a business that you’d like to advertise on the show, feel free to submit the Contact Us form to receive the ad rates by email. Thank you in advance for your support of my next step in entertainment!


“Maybe those ones burning my jerseys were never LeBron fans anyway.”- LeBron James


What They Don’t Teach In Superhero School

For the last four years, I’ve been Super Woman. I’ve evolved in many ways and I have learned many things; both personally and professionally. There isn’t a manual or handbook for what I do. This journey so far is very much like a comic book superhero’s life; unbelievable, adventurous and full of ups, downs and obstacles. I never could have imagined that my life would become full of so many unexpected situations, like saving kittens and helping little old ladies who are lost. It’s what I do. I make it look easy.

Over the last few years, I have discovered that there are a lot of things that they don’t teach in Superhero School. There are situations that you learn completely through trial and error.

For those who aspire to live the kind of life where you’re always on the go, helping others and fulfilling your life’s purpose, here’s what they don’t you teach in Superhero School

  • You will be misunderstood more than you are understood, and criticized more than you are commended.
  • If you concentrate on what everyone else thinks of you, you won’t get anything positive accomplished.
  • You need to know how to do everything yourself, even if you can afford to pay someone else or have a sidekick.
  • You will have long days and sleepless nights, even when you’re trying to take a vacation.
  • You don’t get vacation time, sick time, or me time unless you take it; then be prepared to cancel it.
  • No matter what you think your best super power is, you’ll probably use it the least.
  • Murphy’s Law is ALWAYS in effect (anything that can go wrong, will).
  • Being prepared is good; being prepared to change is better.
  • You will have to get accustomed to being alone, more often than you like; but it’s good for the soul and for your focus.
  • You will lose friends, and gain enemies due to no fault of your own.
  • The number of haters you have will greatly outnumber your fans.
  • Five hour energy, Coca-Cola and B12 supplements will become your best friends, and your best friends will become your heroes.
  • Working hard and working smarter go together.
  • The worst day of your life, isn’t the day you fail; it’s the day you stop trying.
  • People won’t quickly believe you are who you say you are. They’ll call you crazy instead. 
  • Being considered a little crazy becomes a benefit. When you become wealthy people will call you eccentric.
  • Others will try to be you, be like you, and ride your coat tails, but they won’t be good at it.
  • Every obstacle has to be looked at as a new challenge to conquer or you have already been defeated.
  • People will truly expect you to be everywhere they need you to be, but they will rarely return the gesture.
  • You’ll come up with great ideas to be in multiple places at the same time, but science has yet to catch up with you.
  • It helps if you really can fly.  Being fly [like I am], clearly is not enough.

One of the best lessons you learn is that in spite of the work that you put in, and the acknowledge you may never receive for it, it’s well worth it, because you set yourself above the norm.

If you go into every idea, every plan, every kitten-saving mission with the purpose of setting the bar high and achieving a goal, more than for the sake of impressing others, you will succeed. The result:

  • You will become an inspiration to someone else.
  • You will become one of many trailblazers and blueprint makers.
  • You will discover that the steps you took, no matter how small or insignificant they were to you, mattered to someone else.

That is what makes it all worth it.