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What I Learned In Therapy

I completed my relationship therapy. *Happy Dance* Now I’m a lot more comfortable with everything going on in my life. I’m more comfortable being single. I’m more comfortable doing business with men. I’m more comfortable with who I am. Although I had a fear of being alone, in the end there isn’t anythingwrongwith me. In fact, my career is my “husband” for now; and contrary to what others may think, right now my career treats me very well. It doesn’t lie to me. It doesn’t cheat on me. It doesn’t blame me for its problems. It gives me a warm glow that people find attractive. It puts a smile on my face and gives me something to look forward to. Sounds like I’m already in a good, healthy and fulfilling relationship.

I still don’t like or appreciate people who are dishonest. But that just shows that I have character and will not allow people to insult my intelligence with their lies. I’m still hardworking and ambitious to a fault, but I’ve learned that it is perfectly fine for me to enjoy my mini-accomplishments just as much as I enjoy my BIG ones. I discovered that is okay for me to occasionally pat myself on the backmean it and not apologize for it. I just needed confirmation from someone on the outside looking in, with a truly unbiased viewpoint, who would not tell me what they thought I wanted to hear, that I am not “crazy”, “insecure”, “delusional” or “full of trust issues” that are “preventing me from having good relationships”. In fact, I’m not the person with the problem at all. I just don’t believe in unicorns, and I refuse to allow others to convince me that unicorns exist when I’m well aware that they do not.

I like reality. I accept change. I embrace the truth, no matter how painful.

I’m just fine, regardless of what other people, who believe in unicorns, may think.

Now I’ve spread my wings even more. I now have my radio show called The FabLife Radio Show. The first week’s show that aired on Friday, October 12 had almost 400 listeners (at last count). *Happy Dance* This week I’d like to see that number increase tremendously. But even if it goes to just 401, I’ll still be happy. And I think all of my Super Fans for making those numbers possible. {Make sure you check out the current Super Fan Offers for my token of appreciation}

I had to let some things and people “go” in the last few days. I just don’t have the time or patience for people who don’t see the BIGGER picture. I like forward thinking people. Those are the people I want to collaborate and do business with. Those are the people who understand growth and marketability. During my therapy I learned that having realistic standards is a good thing. I learned that listening to your instincts is a good thing. I learned that having goals is a good thing. And I learned that along this path in life, there will be many times when others just won’t understand that. I learned that as a result, I have to be ready to say “good-bye” and sometimes “good riddance” to those people, in order to allow people who do understand to have the opportunity instead.

It’s actually very simple when you think about it. 

So I’m forging ahead. I have a great deal of work ahead of me and a great deal of success to enjoy. God speed to those I had to leave behind, cut ties with and delete. I hope that they will find their way to whatever they are searching for in life… It just won’t be with me.


~ When you truly know your worth, you don’t need to lower your standards to make others happy. If they can’t step up, tell them to step aside. #MogulMindset – Super Woman 



You Spoke, I Listened and Now…

A few weeks back I was contemplating what I needed to do to further enhance the Super Woman Brand. I developed a survey and asked you, my fans and supporters, for your input. The survey revealed that people generally want more. You want more of Super Woman in your media:  television, radio and magazines. I don’t know how many of you all know me personally or have met me in person, but I found it so interesting that what you want IS what I want to do. I also needed to know that I was going in the right direction with my always bigger than life vision. I recognize that some brand enhancements are going to take longer than others. But I now have a better idea that what I’m doing is accepted and appreciated by youKNOWING that someone, somewhere receives me and the words I write. That alone makes it all worth it. KNOWING is half the battle (G.I. Joe).

So it is with great pleasure that I check off something else on my Super-To-Do-List. I am now a writer for an upcoming magazine out of Detroit and Atlanta. This fits in very well with my goals because Detroit is the city of my birth and I plan for Atlanta to become the city of my (business) growth. The magazine owners and editors are professional and have done their due diligence. I don’t know who was more impressed: me with them, or them with me. And I’m not easily impressed at all. But they are impressive people who are knowledgeable of their publication and what they want to do with it. They understand the business side of magazine publishing, versus just wanting to put out pretty paper.

I feel good about this. I think this will be a very creatively lucrative venture for me and for all of you, my readers, my fans and my supporters. There will even be opportunities for some of the women I know who own businesses, are in entertainment, etc., to be interviewed for my article (So don’t turn shy when I call, text or email you). Doing what I love and getting paid for it, so I can provide opportunities for others is my ultimate goal. I just got one step closer to achieving that goal. And I owe it to all of you ♥. 

You spoke, I listened and now I can give you more of what you want from the Super Woman Brand, one step at a time.

More information about the magazine, where to buy it and the launch events taking place in Detroit and Atlanta will be posted on this website, the Super Woman Productions and Publishing Google+  page, the Super Woman Productions and Publishing Facebook page, Essence.com, MingleCity.com, and IndustryBuzzz.com, as the information becomes available. Subscribers to the Super Woman Newsletter will receive the information FIRST, so subscribe to the newsletter today!