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Super Woman Productions and Publishing LLC is a diverse digital and visual media brand with a focus on entertainment and communications. The goal of The Company is to make a positive impact on today’s media using creative instruments and a “think outside the box” mentality. By utilizing social networks, print and digital media, The Company is moving into the next realm of entertainment. The Company is the brain-child of Angela T. Jones, also known as Super Woman, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Media Entrepreneur.

The Woman 

Angela T. Jones, also known as Super Woman,  is a mother, community volunteer, media entrepreneur, motivational entertainer, radio personality and relationship blogger, who first earned the name “Super Woman” by being an expert at multi-tasking, by being proficient and by having a strong work ethic. Angela has the professional reputation of being the “go to” person. Angela is best known for possessing a wealth of knowledge in various areas and for making the impossible possible. Angela is viewed as a “she-ro” by those who know her best for her ability to help them resolve problems, both personal and professional.  Angela is known for being motivational, entertaining and inspirational, while being able to understand and navigate the complexity of any situation.  Angela is outspoken and believes in reinforcing the concept of “the greater good”.  Angela’s background includes experience in event planning, business consulting, business start-up planning, contract negotiations, and real estate.  After being encouraged by her peers, who found her blogs informative and entertaining, Angela set out to begin book publishing.  Never one to do things the “standard” way, utilizing her entrepreneurial skills, Angela decided to start her own company and self publish.

Angela T. Jones, CEO of Super Woman Productions and Publishing is recognized for her achievements as a Media Professional in the sixth annual edition of Who’s Who In Black Detroit published by Who’s Who Publishing, a Real Time Media Company. To order a copy of the publication please call 614-481-7300. Angela also writes for Thrive Detroit Street Newspaper (available for purchase at D:Hive and SourceBooks in Detroit) and Detroit CEO Magazine, (available online). You can find additional information about these publications by going to Super Press.

The Brand

As The Company began to develop and The Woman began to evolve, Angela began to incorporate her skills and talents into developing The BrandThe Brand relates to the entire Super Woman image and how it is marketed and viewed by the public. With more than twelve projects currently in development, and many media services available, The Brand is ever-expanding, evolving and reaching new heights. The Brand is forging ahead into the arenas of Super Woman supported charitable events, philanthropy, merchandise, magazines, radio, television shows and moviesSuper Woman’s achievements are reaching epic proportions.

In 2013, Super Woman Productions and Publishing became the first company to host an official International Women’s Day event in Detroit, Michigan. This event was not just the first in the city of Detroit, but also the first in the entire state of Michigan. International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th. Additional information can be found here.

The Purpose

Super Woman’s purpose is to encourage, entertain, educate and empower the community by reinforcing self-esteem, communication and better relationships between people. To educate, enlighten and entertain through the written word and positive interpretations of film and television.

♦ If I made you think, I’ve done my job. – Super Woman



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