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Minorities in all communities strive to keep their communities strong and support the businesses that are owned and operated in their communities. “Buying Black” has been a mantra in the Black community for years, and suggests that African-Americans, in particular, should concentrate their trillion dollars in buying power into the businesses owned by other African-Americans in their communities for the purpose of economic empowerment.

Although that is true, buying black doesn’t occur in the Black community as often as desired, and there are many contributing factors that are well-known, yet ignored, and some factors that are beyond those commonly discussed.

In Breaking Through the Black Ceiling, author and business owner Angela T. Jones provides insight on some of the common misconceptions and business practices that contribute to why more Black consumers spend their dollars with non Black owned businesses at a disproportionate rate.

Jones also provides tips that any business owner can implement into their business, that will not only help them provide better products and services, but also will help them become successful regardless of their customer demographic. As altruistic as the concept of “buying black” may be, money is green and diversity makes dollars.

Breaking Through the Black Ceiling is dedicated to the memory of Mark England, business owner and fashion designer from Detroit, Michigan. 10% of each copy sold will be donated to Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan for cancer research and patient programs.

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*On the article from Madame Noire on March 9, 2015, one reader said: “I love what you have to say about diversification. It’s one reason I changed some of my product offerings. I’m still looking for my ideal client, but being willing to change in business is important in my opinion.” – Robyn Peoples, Detroit, MI

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