Feedback is Welcomed!…and Needed.

I’m at a fork in the road where Super Woman Productions and Publishing is concerned. It has taken me 15 years to be able to realize my dreams. Things aren’t going well for me in this endeavor and I need to decide what direction to go in next. I don’t want to abandon my dreams and goals but I need to improve so that I can begin to earn a living. I understand that we’re in a fiscal recession (depression) and it’s difficult for everyone. However, there are still a lot of millionaires around and they aren’t suffering. In my life I have a greater purpose that involves helping others, but I can’t do that if I’m not able to feed myself. I owe a lot to others and the only way I can repay them is to become successful. I didn’t say rich. I said successful. There is a difference.  

I can’t be successful without you. I’m not able to realize my purpose if no one ever sees, hears or reads me. Therefore, I am asking for your feedback. Your feedback is welcomed and greatly needed. It will be used so that I can either plan to improve or decide to dismantle Super Woman Productions and Publishing. That is the cross road I am currently at. My financial resources are gone so I have to make a hard choice. Before I go down with or sink my ship (it’s hard being the Captain), I need to know what you, my fans think, because I value you.

I have created a survey on Google for you to complete. This survey will allow me to measure what I can do to improve my business or decide if it is time to dismantle Super Woman Productions and Publishing. My goal is to convert my Super Fans into Super Consumers. Website hits, Tweets and Facebook Friends can’t measure the profitability of a business. Social media is only a small facet of what the Super Woman Brand is about.The first 50 people to complete the survey will receive an invitation from me to join Google+ . Please share the survey with people you know by email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The more people that complete the survey, the better I can determine my next step. I love you and thank you for sharing.

Please complete the Super Woman Productions and Publishing Fan Feedback Survey HERE

One thought on “Feedback is Welcomed!…and Needed.”

  1. Hey Angela – let me halt you at the “jump” … Let’s stop, take a deep breath and CELEBRATE your “fork in the road”! What a perfect opportunity to lay all the pieces of your original program out and see what a wonderful job you’ve done up to now! That fork in the road is really your silver spoon. You have the fortune of realizing you were born with “a greater purpose that involves helping others.” You have the self-contained wealth you need to continue your journey toward your goal of being “Queen of All Media”.

    Next, how about we NOT claim “things aren’t going well for me in this endeavor” … or any other endeavor. No, we won’t put on rose-colored glasses and stick our heads in the sand but we can except living in THIS moment and holding on to dear life the concept of “Focused Perfection”. Don’t be afraid to embrace the idea that your program is PERFECT … that YOU are PERFECT. You are what you affirm you are – it works perfectly every time. Affirm “things aren’t going well for me” and you create your reality, PERFECTLY. Affirm “I’m an evolving variation of that Media Mogul I’m crafting everyday!” and you create your reality, PERFECTLY. Don’t underestimate your power. That’s the most dangerous mistake we make – especially women.

    You’re absolutely correct – there ARE tons of successful millionaires around us who aren’t suffering. That’s great you understand the notion of Abundance. Living from a standpoint of “lack” will keep you wondering “why do they have and I have not?” I’m glad you know we get to party in an ABUNDANT universe! That means you’re recalibrating your program to share in that collective abundance too, right?

    So, if our feedback for your survey serves you in any positive capacity then I’m sure all who take it are glad to help lift you up. The heavy lifting of course is your own. Sometimes it takes a gang of strength to keep steady on a path that looks more like a huge barren field with no treasures in sight. But if nobody blazes a new trail and proves difficult things can be done, we’d all be huddled in one little spot in the universe saying “maaaan, I sure wish Angela would go on out there and show us how things are supposed to be done! It’s crowded here, and somebody’s deodorant is failing!”

    Wishing you a BIG LIFE and MEGA success for Super Woman Productions and Publishing!!!

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