The Flower Doesn’t Dream of the Bee

There comes a time when you think about what you want to do, and what it takes to do those things. I’m in the midst of a huge storm in my life. I’ve been weathering it – barely, but I’ve still been weathering it. It is taking a toll on me because I lack patience. I also only have so much control over it and I don’t like not having control. Even limited control is the same as no control to me. But I press forward anyway. Everyday a small step. Even when my small step gets stepped on by someone else’s agenda. I press on. I move forward. I keep doing and working towards fulfilling my purpose.

I need to weed my garden again. Someone recently opened my eyes to that. It wasn’t something they said or did. It was simply a physical manifestation of what I was already thinking. Having someone look me in the eyes and tell me what I already knew in my heart and soul only solidified it. There’s nothing wrong in my world except for what I allow to be wrong. And there’s nothing wrong with me doing everything by myself. I’ve been doing it for a very long time. It’s just a part of the Master’s Plan and I need to trust that. As long as I don’t give up, I will get to where I want and need to be.

I have days when I really wonder if what I’m doing matters at all. I’ve said that before. And just like before, someone I didn’t even know was paying attention to me will tell me that I am making a difference. They tell me that my words have helped them. That they have had similar experiences and can relate. They reinforce that I’m fabulous in every way. They encourage me to keep going because I’m encouraging them.

In spite of all the difficulties I’m going through right now, it is necessary for my growth as a person in general and as a woman in particular. I will be the Queen of All Media if I continue on the path set before me. I will achieve all of my dreams and put all of my fingers into various areas of media and entertainment if I continue to persevere. If a person who only knows me from Facebook, Twitter or has only spent a few hours in my presence can see it, then surely I can see it also. It’s not the money I seek. The money only pays the bills. And although I have too many bills and this year I’ve had a hard time paying them, it’s still not about the money. It’s not about becoming a celebrity either. It’s not about popularity. I still have a shy side who likes to stay at home and watch action movies. Becoming a “celebrity” might not afford me the serenity to do that. I want to make my dreams come to fruition. The same dreams I’ve had for over fifteen years.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: A dream deferred dies. A dream pursued is realized. I’m deciding to continue to pursue my dreams regardless of who notices or who doesn’t: regardless of who cares or who doesn’t. My dreams aren’t about anyone else. They are about me and how I plan to utilize my talents and knowledge to influence and potentially alter the face media. They are about how I can help others transform and improves their lives and heal their hearts. True enough, others will benefit from my dreams, however, they are not responsible for my dreams. Only I can be responsible for my dreams. Only I can take the necessary steps towards achieving those dreams. Only I can fulfill my purpose.  

The same is true of you and your dreams. Do not let anyone distract you from your dreams. Plan and pray over the work you put into it, and embrace the Master’s Plan. Don’t get too involved in the “end result” or how much money you want to make in pursuit of your dreams. It’s not about the money. It’s about fulfilling your purpose. A purpose driven life equals a dream realized.

~ The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. The flower blossoms and the bee comes.   

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  1. Very insightful post. We must remember that we should set our own standard and avoid being whisked away and brainwashed by societal expectations. I think that is a major factor in the insecurities we feel about ourselves and our ventures. We consistently try to satisfy a standard that has absolutely nothing to do with our inner being AND by someone else’s timetable. How limiting and constrictive! Often times, we let age, finances or just basic insecurities get in the way of our most cherished hopes and dreams.

    The good news is that we can and should look within, re-ignite our passion and fall back in love with the idea of us giving birth to that dream. The key is to sweep away those self-defeating thoughts that kill our motivation. You know, those little voices that tell us “You are too old” or “You don’t have enough money” or “That dream is unreasonable” or “No one will believe in you or support you”. We all have to learn how to quiet those voices and move forward. Children have the ability to dream big without limitations. As we age, the world teaches us about the idea of limitation and lack. As a result, WE tend to become very limited by it. Some limitation is good because it prevents us from turning small mistakes into large ones as we embark on our mission. Dreaming big does not give us an excuse to be lawless or reckless in the execution of our plan. Life’s storms do not give us enough of a reason to disconnect from the very idea or dream that gives us energy. However, striving for the balance between large, limitless aspirations and aged wisdom, in the midst of our challenges will ensure success in those ventures. #whatIsaid

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