10 Things That Are Better Than a D*ck Pic

As a mature woman with life goals, I’m still astounded by how many men over the age of 25 believe it’s sexy, attractive and appreciated when they randomly send a pic of their penis to a woman completely unsolicited. For too many men this occurs immediately after receiving a woman’s phone number or her acceptance of their friend request on Facebook. It’s the introduction instead of the bonus round.

Well, men I have to tell you what some women won’t:

The minute you send your d*ck over data transmissions, you make it known that your penis is the only thing you value about yourself and the only thing you have to offer is sex. That immediately puts women into a mind frame of how you should be treated. A mature woman isn’t going to take you seriously as a dating prospect and she’ll likely believe you are a heaux. After all, sending unsolicited d*ck pics is heaux-havior. It screams “look at me, I need attention, because I’m insecure and my penis is my best quality”. Women who are wife material and who have had experience in life aren’t here for that. You’re nothing but potential drama and a waste of hair and makeup for them.

If you’re realizing that you’re not an immortal man, and that life is more than sex and a bunch of women liking your pics and seeing your penis, and you want a wife and family before you need Viagra, you have to present yourself like a man who knows better, so he does better.

For the men who want to date for the purpose of finding a wife and life partner, here’s a list of items you can send pics of that will be more impressive to a woman who is dating for the purpose of becoming a wife.

  1. College degree or professional certification. Being intelligent and/or having skills is sexy and says you’re goal oriented, able to complete what you start and you have the ability to plan what you do in life. Throw in a pic of you using your tool box and a woman will know you can fix stuff.

  2. Bank statement. If you’re still going to the check cashing place on payday, you might as well send that d*ck pic bro. A man who is relationship ready has a bank account and direct deposit. If you have more than one bank account with balances above the minimum, you are even more likely to impress a woman who is wife material.

  3. Investment statements, 401k, REITs. Knowing how to make money is one thing. Knowing how to invest it for your future is next level. A man who understands that multiple streams of income isn’t just working more than one job or operating more than one business, is a man who is ready for the responsibility of a wife and family. A man who invests also knows that time is valuable and he’s less likely to waste it playing games. He’s dateable for a woman who is wife material.

  4. A pic of you working out. You can also send a video on leg day. Healthy is wealthy. Keeping yourself physically fit isn’t just about your appearance, it’s a method of self care. If you can take care of yourself, you can also take care of a family because you will have less serious health problems if you exercise regularly. Dating and relationships can’t be going to movies and dinner all the time. Being physically fit opens the door for more fun, interesting and adventurous dates, like bowling, bike riding, skydiving….just to name a few.

  5. A pic/video of you cooking healthy meals. If you go out all the time, or to your mother’s house for meals because you can’t cook, you need to purchase a cookbook and a slow cooker before you send another d*ck pic. Men should know how to sustain a healthy lifestyle by preparing healthy meals for themselves. Even if you cook the same thing every time, it’s better than waiting on a woman to cook for you or bring you a menu. Even learning to cook shows that you are possibly a good man to date.

  6. You actively participating in your hobbies and interests. What do you do when you’re having fun? Where do you go in your spare time? What is your routine? Do you mentor or volunteer in your community? Do you have a life or naw? This matters because being married doesn’t mean being boring and women who want husbands consider what compatibility they may have socially with you. If all you do is drink and smoke, hang with the fellas or play video games, you’re not relationship ready so I see lots of d*ck pics in your future.

  7. Passport, CLEAR Access, TSA Pre-check or Frequent Flyer Account Statements. A well traveled man is sexy, even if it’s for his job or career. If you can also bypass the long lines at TSA when you travel, you’re a Boss. If you speak another language, even conversationally, you’re a real winner. Show off your travel experience to that woman you like, so that she can see the lifestyle you lead. You might find she has the same interests and you can build a rapport and lay the foundation for a relationship off of it.

  8. You wearing a properly tailored suit. This is a treat to a woman, whether you wear a suit daily for work or not. Women who are wife material own outfits for different occasions. To date, and eventually marry, that kind of woman, you have to be able to do the same as a man. If your wardrobe isn’t representative of a man who can go different places for different occasions, you have been spending too much time sending d*ck pics and not enough time getting your life together.

  9. Your version of your vision board. A man who is ready for a relationship, leads and plans. If love and marriage are goals for you as a man, there has to be some planning around that. You also have something to keep that plan in mind and what it includes for you; house, cars, kids, pets, travel, etc. Show it to the woman you’re interested in seriously dating. If her interests aren’t the same as yours, you’ll find out this way and then you can move on to someone else.

  10. Your smile 😁. ….Not the fake smile you post on Instagram for likes. Your genuine smile. Your “my life is good and I’m a happy person” smile. If you’re not happy as a single man, you’re not ready to be a committed or married man. Happiness doesn’t come from outside of you, it radiates from within you. Happiness isn’t found in your ego being stroked or in having multiple women in your bed. Plus men who are genuinely happy don’t try to ruin women’s lives. If you don’t have a nice smile, or if you have to edit your smile in pics, or you don’t smile at all, find out why and fix it. Visit your dentist and/or your therapist immediately and get your smile together, brother.

There are several other things that women would prefer, but this should be a start for any man who is seriously interested in a relationship that isn’t rooted in sex. If you are older than 30 years of age, and you can’t find at least 8 things on this list to send to a woman instead of a d*ck pic, you have a great deal of growing and maturing to do, and you probably shouldn’t date anyone for awhile. My son is 24 and he can send 8 of these already. Your income isn’t a deterrent, neither is your environment. A man who isn’t ready for a relationship, will get himself ready for the woman he wants to be with. It’s really that simple. Keep that in mind the next time you strike a pose and your d*ck is the main focus.

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