Patience Pays Off

There was a time when everything around me seemed as if it were taking too long. Now, everything around me is moving so fast that I’ve had to completely readjust so that I can keep up with it all. Thankfully, between the slow lull and the fast speeds I learned patience. I learned that every step is its own small adventure taking me to the next. And as long as I continue to move forward and enjoy each small adventure I will grow and enjoy the overall journey. People ask me how I do everything I’m doing. Often I subliminally shrug and say “I dunno“. Aloud I say, “I’m blessed!” Which is true, because I am. I’m blessed that I didn’t script my life. If all of this were completely up to me and I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t have accomplished anything that I have thus far.

It hasn’t been cotton candy and balloons getting to this point and I’ve had to make a lot of changes and sacrifices. It has been a lot of work. This is six years in the making and I just made my first television appearance on cable. This is six years of moving forward without anything but an idea that turned into another idea and another idea. I just finished writing my business plan. Had I done that six years ago it would have been one page long and I would’ve been very upset. Now my business plan shows past successes, and failures, along with how each successful step has been improved upon and repeated. It shows trends and growth. There are actually profit and loss statements and balance sheets now. I can actually see and show revenue. It may not be as much revenue as I would like it to be, but it’s something and it’s showing increase instead of decline.

This year I will pen two books…or more. Depending on what happens. This year I will host four events…or more. Depending on what happens. This year I will travel to three different places for a mix of business and leisure…or more. Depending on what happens. I haven’t learned to completely separate business and leisure; I’m always networking unless I’m in the movie theater. At the movie theater the networking takes place in the line waiting for popcorn or entry before the movie begins. But I digress. I can now say that I’ve written numerous movie reviews that have been published and I’ve written numerous articles that have been published. So far this year I have published my first two posts on LinkedIn. I’ve even ventured out and auditioned for a stage production and I have absolutely no aspirations of becoming an actress, but I feel it would be good exposure for the Super Woman Brand if I get a role.

Needless to say, this is just the beginning, as I’m writing this at 4:15 am on a Friday. In spite of the early and long days, patience is paying off –  combined with work ethic and ambition of course. When I’m asked how do I do everything I do I will still proclaim that I am blessed while wondering how myself. But it’s truly rewarding to feel the shift from where I started to where I am today and at the same time have a glimpse of where I’ll be. It’s worth every sacrifice and all the patience I’ve had to learn. Thankfully, I’ve been a fast learner.

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